Sponsoring Linux Mint


By sponsoring Linux Mint you contribute to giving the development team a regular and predictable income. This is the best form of income for Linux Mint and for its development team.

As a sponsor, your name is associated with the success of Linux Mint and shines within and around its community. You are known by users and visitors alike as one of the reasons Linux Mint is successful and available for free.

Sponsorship Levels

There are 4 levels of sponsorships:

Sponsorship Contribution
Gold $1,000/month
Silver $500/month
Bronze $100/month
Community $20/month

Exposure on the website

All sponsors appear in the sponsors page.

The landing page of the website shows the Gold and Silver sponsors as well as some of our partners.

On every other page, a section appears just above the footer and shows 3 sponsors. The first one is randomly picked among the Gold sponsors, the second one among the Silver sponsors and the third one among the Bronze sponsors.

Exposure in the announcements

Each month, the development team publishes a post called the "Monthly News" on the Linux Mint Blog, where donors and sponsors are thanked and important events which occurred during the month are summarized. In this announcement, all Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsors are listed.

Applying to become a sponsor

To start a sponsorship, choose a level and click on Subscribe: