New features in Linux Mint 14 KDE

KDE is a vibrant, innovative, advanced, modern looking and full-featured desktop environment. This edition features all the improvements from the latest Linux Mint release on top of KDE 4.9.

KDE 4.9

Linux Mint 14 "Nadia" KDE Edition

The highlight of this edition is the latest KDE 4.9 desktop, which features the following improvements:

  • Dolphin
    • Back and forward buttons
    • Ability to show metadata such as ratings, tags, image and file sizes, author, date...etc
    • Grouping and sorting by metadata properties
    • Better Places panel
    • Improved search support
    • Synchronization with terminal location
  • Konsole
    • Ability to search for a text selection using KDE Web Shortcuts
    • New "Change Directory To" feature when a folder is dropped on the Konsole window
    • Detachable tabs can be dragged to create a new window
  • Kwin
    • Numerous quality and performance improvements
    • Raising windows during window switching
  • Activities are now integrated more thoroughly throughout the Workspaces.
  • Workspaces introduce MPRIS2 support, with KMix having the ability to handle streams and a Plasma data engine for handling this music player control protocol.
  • The Kickoff menu can now be used with only a keyboard.
  • Kontact received many bugfixes and performance improvements as well as a new import wizard to get settings, mails, filters, calendar and addressbook entries from Thunderbird and Evolution.
  • HTTP and network shares are now much faster for all KDE applications. Korganizer is about 20% faster than before.
  • Many critical bugs have been fixed in Nepomuk and Soprano, making desktop search faster and more reliable for Applications and Workspaces build on KDE Platform 4.9.

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Software Manager

The Software Manager received a lot of "under the hood" improvements. It no longer uses aptdaemon (which was responsible for crashing or freezing the application under certain conditions) but its very own apt client. It now also come with full debconf support so you no longer need to use Synaptic for debconf enabled packages (such as the Microsoft Fonts, or Wine).

Debconf support, apt client, and improved navigation in the new Software Manager

It's also more convenient than before. It runs as root so you no longer need to type your password everytime you click "install" and the application page is now reloaded following the installation or removal of the application.

Also, "Search while typing" is now configurable and can be disabled.

System improvements

MintStick replaces USB-ImageWriter, for a better UI and better progress reporting.

To provide better connectivity out of the box, Linux Mint now falls back to OpenDNS when the system fails to contact a valid DNS server.

Artwork improvements

Linux Mint features a collection of beautiful background photographs from Al Butler, Nicolas Goulet and Steve Allen.

A beautiful collection of backgrounds

The Linux Mint KDM theme was improved and given a new metallic look.

Upstream components

Linux Mint 14 features the following upstream components: Ubuntu 12.10, Linux 3.5, KDE 4.9.2.