Reviews and interviews

Promotion: Reviews and interviews are read by a lot of people. They help spread the word about Linux Mint and promote the distribution.

Feedback: Reviews also give the opportunity to reviewers to tell us what they liked and what they disliked about a particular release. This detailed feedback is used by the team to improve the distribution. If a problem is underlined, it usually makes its way to the roadmap and it gets fixed in the following release.

Discussion: Reviews ask questions, raise interesting topics and start discussions. We try to reply to as many reviews as possible by posting a link to them with our comments on the Linux Mint blog and we also post interviews to gather comments from the community. This gives us the opportunity to explain our choices, to justify our decisions, to give the Community an idea of what went in the background and what lead to what they can see in a particular release, and to ask the Community to think and discuss the particular topics raised by the reviewer/interviewer that we found interesting.