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Update Manager: full localized descriptions

Work continues for 17.1 and the Update Manager:
Screenshot from 2014-07-21 16:17:46

Package descriptions no longer show in English but in your own language, and the full description is included.

by clem at 2014.07.21 02:20 PM

Update Manager: More kernel info

Work on Linux Mint 17.1 has begun and the Update Manager is getting additional features.

The kernel selection page was redesigned. More text was added to give vulgarized yet pertinent information to users about the nature of bug fixes, security fixes and regressions and to detail for each kernel, known fixes and known regressions.

Screenshot from 2014-07-21 13:15:43

Consistent to our policy on stability and security, we believe the best solution for you is to apply updates and install newer kernels when you actually need them, on a case by case basis and without taking unnecessary risks. Unlike other systems and distributions which recommend an “apply everything blindly” policy, we believe that decision can only be yours and for this reason information is key.

Note: Similar to level filtering in package updates, we rely on the people who experience regressions to report them to us. The Update Manager isn’t magically detecting regressions, it will only ever report them based on feedback. Same thing goes for fixes, although security notices will be accurate, your feedback is very welcome regarding hardware support improvements and bug fixes.

by clem at 2014.07.21 11:19 AM