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CinnXP makes Cinnamon look like Windows XP

After the Google look… after the Facebook look… here’s an impressive Windows XP theme for Cinnamon:

Screenshot from 2015-08-17 12:56:32

Making my computer look like Windows XP isn’t exactly my thing, but I’m quite impressed with the quality of that theme. Whether it’s in the gradients, shades or shapes, there’s a lot of attention to detail and a finish I’d certainly like to see in more Cinnamon themes.

Credits to petrucci4prez for this CinnXP theme.

by clem at 2015.08.17 12:01 PM



Cinnamon 2.8: Better box pointers

JosephM applied a couple of fixes to box pointers from our GNOME cousin.

Making weird box pointers which looked like this:

now look like this:


by clem at 2015.08.14 08:57 AM



Cinnamon 2.8: Battery vendor/model info

It’s always a real pleasure to work on different desktop environments. In the 17.2 cycle, Xfce was upgraded to version 4.12 and brought a lot of nice features. One thing immediately caught my attention because both the Xfce and the Cinnamon teams had worked on improving power management… and that was the presence of manufacturer data in the power settings and applet.

That’s something we missed in Cinnamon 2.6, I guess we didn’t really think about it, and so that’s something we just added for the upcoming Cinnamon 2.8.


Some devices report their brand and model names. In the screenshot above for instance, what was described as a “wireless mouse” in Cinnamon 2.6 is now described more accurately as a Logitech M325.

Of course, not all manufacturers fill in that data. A Sony PS4 controller for instance doesn’t report any model or vendor info and consequently appears as a generic “battery”.

Still… other than the fact that it gives a tad more info, this is good news for people with multiple rechargeable devices of the same class (which previously had the same label) and/or multiple batteries.


by clem at 2015.08.13 01:27 PM

Yet another glorious wallpaper

To celebrate the start of a new development cycle, here’s a “glorious” (for our Linux Mint 7 nostalgics) wallpaper :)

Many thanks to calexil for making it and sending it to us.

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by clem at 2015.08.13 12:52 PM